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US Business Grants & Loans

While funding through government or corporate grants is a viable option, the paperwork and procedure can be downright frustrating. Save yourself this hassle and find the money you seek by applying through our site.

From startup businesses to corporate expansions, we have helped all types of clients seek the right finances in the past. We can link you to a number of potential sources of business grants, giving you a high chance of success. Applications are free of charge too!

Those who manage to secure the funds they require may have to assist financially as stated in the grant conditions.

All Businesses and All Circumstances Accepted

With a wide network of financial resources at our disposal, we can help new and existing companies seek out suitable corporate and government grants. If you require help with finding funds, we know exactly who to contact.

We can even assist if your grant application is rejected, allowing you to find aid via our numerous connections with independent agencies throughout the USA.

All partners have been selected because of their high standards. This means our new business clients get superior service and a better chance of success. We assist those in recruitment, IT, corporate training, commercial law and other fields.


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